Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Keepin' the Family Tree Healthy

I've been stressed out of my mind lately, mainly due to the beginning of school with my two youngish (under 10) daughters, lots of irons in the proverbial fire, and tryin' to balance too many things! And it's makin' me feel terribly fussy and put upon. But today brought me a gift from God in the form of a very vivid image: I saw (in my mind's eye) a large tree, kinda like the beautiful live oaks in the deep South, that was being split apart because of the weight of the branches.
I was humbled and grateful. I realized that much of life is a matter of perception. I also realized that I'm feeling like I'm goin' out on a limb in too many arenas and I need to focus on my own 'trunk'--my core stability--my spiritual health, my physical health, my family, and my congregation, if my tree is going to stay healthy.
I'm not sure what happened in New Orleans with our Episcopal Bishops this past week but I know I'm not real happy with what I've read...And, since I've got lots of non-Episcopal friends/family, my phone was ringing off the hook with folks asking me my reaction. So here it is: I'm not a happy camper. When I hear phrases like "standing together at the foot of the cross" I wonder what that means to the folks sayin' it. I'm incredibly blessed with gay/lesbian/transgender family and friends. I don't think it's okay to withhold blessings. I know gay couples who have been together a lot longer than a number of straight folks I know. I hope my transgender family member finds someone to share his life with and that he will be blessed. I know a number of gay/lesbian priests who will make wonderful bishops. So I pray for the Church. We got some interestin' days ahead!
And here's a shout-out to my fabulous hubby--10 years, Baby! Happy Anniversary. Thanks for the Family Tree we're creatin' together.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Gettin' in the Club

Okay, can someone please send me a gentle reminder on December 25 so that I can join the Rev Gal Pal's Club? Turns out I have to be a blogger for 3 months to apply for membership. At first I was kinda fussy when I read the requirement but then I remembered that it took a heck of a lot longer to go through the ordination process in the Episcopal Church so I decided that if I could navigate that series of hoops, I can navigate this one.
I'm sure it'll be worth the wait...


Demon Dental Hygenist

Big mistake not rescheduling my missed dental appointment for my routine cleaning.
My regular hygienist, may she be blessed upon the earth, was unavailable.
I was scheduled with "Robin" who told me I could call her "Blue Jay."
(She told me this while giggling.)
I now suspect she was hitting the laughing gas before I arrived.
Disclosure: I detest going to the dentist. I can't stand the little scrapey sharp thing on my teeth and I'm not committed to flossing so the hygienist has to use the little scrapey thing a lot. But my regular hygienist knows this and treats me with tender loving care and in exchange I say "God Bless You" (although it sounds more like "Od Esch Ooo") numerous times while I'm in the dentist's chair.
Not so much was I saying that with "Robin."
Many times was I flinching and saying "AAAHHGGG!"
She told me she thought I was overly sensitive.
I said "I ON'T INK O!" (I don't think so.) It was hard to articulate while my blood and saliva were dripping over my lips and her fingers.
It was a bad day.
And y'all gonna have to pray fervently 'cause the xrays showed I have two cavities. My cute dentist (who, at some point, will have to be informed about this sadomasochistic hygienist) told me that they are "little cavities." I said that I will need to be drugged to the teeth (no pun intended) to get back into the dentist's chair. I told him that I will need to be drooling before I ever get into the chair.
Help me, Lord!