Friday, February 15, 2008

The Sock--Day 18

Y'all check out my progress! I'm having fun! Julie is an amazing teacher. My current problem is that I had my eyes checked this morning and so my pupils are all dilated and I still want to knit. I've put down the needles because I've dropped lots of stitches. So now I"m trying to see the computer screen which isn't much better.
I think I'll stop all this and go get some Indian food for lunch.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

This makes me smile

A friend sent me this link and every time I watch it, it makes me smile. Nice Kitty!

The Sock--Day 16

I unraveled most of the sock. I didn't mean to unravel as much as I did but I learned a good life lesson: it's really hard to get tiny stitches back onto three pointy needles without pulling out other stitches. (I'm not quite sure how this is actually a life lesson but I'm sure I'll pull a preaching metaphor out of it some day...) A beloved 85 yr old parishioner is meeting me at my office this morning to help me with Turning The Heel, 2nd attempt. She might take one look at the ribbing and suggest that I unravel the rest of it. I will try to receive this suggestion graciously.

Oh my Gosh! Great news! I've been accepted into the RevGalPals Ring. Except that I can't figure out how to put the ring link onto my blog. Blessed St. Cathy is trying to help me. I use yahoo Blogger to do this blog. Copying and pasting didn't work. Anyone else have any suggestions?

I'll keep y'all informed. And I look forward to being part of THE Ring. (Is there a secret handshake? Secret nailshade? T-shirt? Certificate of Membership? Not that I need any of these things...just wondering...)

Peace from the tundra,

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Apollo and the lil reds

My big dog is getting old.
His name is Apollo and we love him very much. He's an Anatolian Shepherd and he weighs about 152 lbs. Neither of his parents lived to be 8 yrs old and Apollo is now 10 1/2. Which is pretty remarkable. But now it's getting harder for him to get up in the mornings and his old bones are kinda creaky. He doesn't take the steps down to the backyard as easily as he used to, but he still manages. And if I'm fixin' bacon, he'll come and stand by the stove, so I figure that's a good sign.
Pets are so precious--what an incredible, constant reminder of the beauty of God in creation and unconditional love...

My husband allowed my daughter to hold a hamster last week at the pet store.
If you're gonna let a 9 yr old hold a hamster, you'd better be ready to buy a hamster.

So now we own a hamster.
Her name is Misty.

The cats are fascinated. They study the hamster as if she's live bait.
Y'all pray for us because 9 yr olds aren't exactly notorious for being responsible and I have a feeling this could all end in heartache.
I'm just sayin'


Monday, February 11, 2008

Turning the Heel

Not working so well with the heel turning.
I got impatient (shock!) waiting for the written directions so I asked another knitter I met if she could walk me through turning the heel. I thought I was doing it right but now I have two little pointy horn looking appendages that don't even remotely resemble a heel. It looks more like a warming device for a cloven-hoof which is disturbing and wrong.
So, I think I need to pull out all of those stitches, call Julie, and get some more help.
Up-state New York is so cold today that schools are canceled. My kids were so happy they almost cried. I almost cried, too, but for the opposite reason.
Just kidding.
Since today is my day off, we'll bundle up, head out to the store, rent some movies, and come back and cuddle up in my big warm bed and nap and watch movies.
Thank you, God, for a safe house and healthy kids.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Singhing a New Song!

We've elected a new bishop for the Episcopal Diocese of Rochester! The Rev. Dr. Prince Singh! And I really couldn't be happier. Prince, my bishop-elect exudes joy. He will be an amazing bishop. Whoooooeeeeeee! I was so impressed by Prince at the walkabouts and was trying to figure out how to campaign for him without campaigning for him. I decided that the best thing to do was be honest about how he had impressed me and trust that the Spirit would do Her job and if Prince was meant to be our bishop, then he would be elected. And he was. On the second ballot. Booyahhh!
Sock update:
It's going really well. I've knit about 5 inches. Julie looked at it between ballots on Saturday and said I'm doing a great job. I told my worship committee at church that knitting socks will be my Lenten discipline (in addition to giving up alcohol and my beloved Rock Star energy drinks) and I had lots of offers to help me when it's time to Turn The Heel. Just the way people said "Turn The Heel" made me nervous. I think it's gonna be a challenge.
But hey, I'm usually up for a challenge.
p.s. Laissez les bon temps roulez!
p.p.s. How 'bout them Giants!

Friday, February 1, 2008

The Sock--Day 3

So, Julie (knitting fiend and dear friend) was, from my description, able to diagnose my knitting problem and tell me how to fix it. I needed to keep the yarn forward and to the left of the needle (I'm right-handed--that's a disclaimer in case anyone who actually doesn't knit and is left-handed is now inspired to begin to knit his/her own sock and gets frustrated by my inaccurate instructions and leaves a negative comment which I'm pretty sure wouldn't happen but just in case I'm just sayin') and then purl away. I have completed the first 10 rows (at least I think I did. I created a really beautiful pattern that I didn't mean to create and will never be able to replicate but hey, who said socks should match?) and am now knitting for 7 inches. After that, I'll have to wait for another one-on-one tutorial.
Tomorrow my diocese elects (God-willing) our new bishop. I'm taking the sock to work on during the time between ballots.
If we elect on the first ballot, I will be thrilled! I trust the working of the Holy Spirit, so I believe that whoever we elect will be the right man for the job. I'm saddened that no women were on our slate, but that time will come.
We're having a Super Bowl party on Sunday! Since I'm a resident of New York, I will root for the Giants. The Patriots will probably trounce them, but as long as nobody gets hurt and everyone plays nice, all shall be well.
Stay warm, beloved readers!