Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Apollo and the lil reds

My big dog is getting old.
His name is Apollo and we love him very much. He's an Anatolian Shepherd and he weighs about 152 lbs. Neither of his parents lived to be 8 yrs old and Apollo is now 10 1/2. Which is pretty remarkable. But now it's getting harder for him to get up in the mornings and his old bones are kinda creaky. He doesn't take the steps down to the backyard as easily as he used to, but he still manages. And if I'm fixin' bacon, he'll come and stand by the stove, so I figure that's a good sign.
Pets are so precious--what an incredible, constant reminder of the beauty of God in creation and unconditional love...

My husband allowed my daughter to hold a hamster last week at the pet store.
If you're gonna let a 9 yr old hold a hamster, you'd better be ready to buy a hamster.

So now we own a hamster.
Her name is Misty.

The cats are fascinated. They study the hamster as if she's live bait.
Y'all pray for us because 9 yr olds aren't exactly notorious for being responsible and I have a feeling this could all end in heartache.
I'm just sayin'


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Susan O said...


What a good, good dog.