Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Clergy Fund Raising

I decided to host an event for my area clergy to raise money for Episcopalians for Global Reconciliation. This amazing, grassroots organization is all about bringing awareness of the Millennium Development Goals to the Episcopal Church. The main website, is a clearing house of incredible resources.
In years past, my beloved husband and I have hosted a potluck for the area clergy around the Christmas holidays. I discovered early on that the clergy seemed to want to drink much more than eat (I'm not judging here) and so I ended up providing more and more food. This year, I have invited my collared bros and sistahs to bring nothing but their checkbooks. I'm preparing an italian feast complete with lots of nice libations, and in exchange, they need to write a sizable tax-deductible check to EGR. I will also have computers available for on-line donating should my scatterbrained brethren claim to have forgotten their checkbooks. If they also claim to not have a credit card with them, I will assure them that I will keep a plate warm for them while they go home and retrieve it.
Shameless? Perhaps. But it's for a really good cause. In 2008, alternative giving is GREAT!
I'm just sayin'...

yeah, I know

It's not like I didn't tell folks early on about the oppositional disorder.
I knew, in the depths of my heart, that I'd be bad about regularly blogging.
It's not that I don't think about it.
And I love reading other people's blogs, especially my friend Kyle's and St. Casserole's. And I'm pretty good about checking facebook...
I dunno.
This whole electronic immediate access thing is mind boggling. Someone sends me an email and expects a reply asap even though I never agreed to reply asap. What's up with that? I both love it and hate it.
Juxtapose these thoughts with Advent and waiting, waiting, waiting.
There's something important here, some message that is gestating in me and will hopefully be born in my preaching and conversations with those I love...
Even if it takes place in cyberspace.