Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I always love the beginning of September--full of new beginnings! New school year for the little reds, new program year at the church, and new whatever else we decide. I've decided to try a 3 month experiment of doing yoga 3-4 times/week (and whenever the Yoga studio offers the 40 days to personal transformation, I'm signing up. Trust that you'll get to read ALL about it.) I'm going to cut back to once a week with the personal trainer and see how it goes. I start rehab on my hip on Sept 10. Since going to the sports med dr. last week, my hip has been pretty sore--but yoga doesn't make it any worse and makes me feel tons better.
I've also decided to try to make Rick Bayless' red mole sauce. I have ordered some of the more specialized ingredients (guajillo chiles, mexican chocolate, avacado leaves) from a gourmet supply company in California. I was hoping to spend this coming Saturday in the kitchen but I don't know if the ingredients will arrive by then. I might have to start a search in the upstate NY area to see what I can find.
And I really am going to post about making the homemade mozzarella cheese...just not now. Maybe later. Stay tuned.


GrammyM said...

Bravo to you for blogging again and for your plans for your health improvements!

drruthie said...

Hey Dahn,
There must be something about this season--Krista Tippett on "Speaking of Faith" is also looking at the significance of yoga in her life--here is the URL with her thoughts:


Do you remember her from Yale Divinity School? I think your time there may have overlapped

St. Casserole said...

I miss you. Just sayin'