Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Running through Holy Week

Ran 30 minutes on Monday.
Will run another 30 minutes late this afternoon or this evening before dinner.
I'm spending lots of time thinking about balance...
And praying for my clergy sisters who try to do so much for so many...
And not just my clergy sisters--so many women!
Not that men don't, but I think women view the world differently.
A friend of mine recently "re-framed" my running.
It's something I do for myself, not for others.
Not punishment but a gift.
I don't need to beat myself up on days that it's hard--I need to celebrate each step.
I like this.
My beloved Rachel ran 10 miles on Sunday and set a personal record!
She averaged 7 minutes, 35 seconds per mile.
I don't even think that fast.
I hope to run my 5k in less than 35 minutes.
But finishing will be my success.
Happy Holy Week.


GrammyM said...

Whoever "reframed" your running is an angel. That is a glorious way to look at any type of exersize - cause if you are not healthy enough to keep on tracking for yourself, then you cannot be ready to help someone else. Great thought!

Rachel said...

thanks for the shout out! now that i'm done with my training...i'm having trouble motivating myself to get out and run. i will be using your blog as inspiration :)