Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I did my first shoulder stand today!
And stayed up the entire time we were holding the inversion pose!
Since I only have a week and a half of revolution left, it's pretty exciting. I also attempted "crow." Didn't achieve it but at least I attempted it whereas usually I just laugh when the instructor says anything about "crow."
Today's practice left me feeling really fulfilled--I felt like I had achieved something important. I never thought I'd like yoga. It didn't seem like "me." But "me" changes. I'm starting to understand that my willingness/desire to change is important to/for me.
I saw a bumper sticker one time that said "Change is inevitable, growth is optional." This 40 days thing is a growing experience. And what I appreciate about it is that it can always be a challenge for me. Yoga is like Tai Ji. You never master it--you just practice it.
Probably a lot like Christianity. But we don't tend to talk about Christianity in those terms.
Maybe it's time we did. I'm just sayin'.

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