Friday, February 12, 2010

My how things change

I wrote my last blog entry on Tuesday.
Wednesday night, my precious hubby was admitted, via the emergency department, to the hospital with a perforated diverticulum. I spent Thursday morning in the hospital with him and then he insisted that I go to my Lifestyle session. As I was driving to the yoga studio, I was thinking about everything that was happening and how I really had revolved...Normally, I would have gone into overdrive and started making lists of what to do if...if hubby needed major surgery, if we couldn't go to Palau, if I couldn't find child care, if I couldn't make it to church on Sunday cause I needed to be at the hospital...
But I didn't do any of that.
I thought about it but thought that it would be wasted energy. I will know what I know when I know it. I will make the decisions I need to make when they need to be made. Acceptance. Breath. Find space. Breathe.
And making my vision board was a cool experience. I'm not finished with it (poetic) but I will keep working on it.
Hubby has made miraculous recovery. Seriously miraculous.
So thank God for antibiotics, good physicians, and answered prayer.
I go to my celebration Master Class at 6 p.m. then I'll come get hubby from hospital and take him home. We will curl up in our bed and watch the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics.
At least that's my plan. But we all know how plans can change.
Shanti, gentle readers.

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