Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Medved Training

Our training organizer, Sherry, had computer problems and wasn't able to post our training schedule. But she posted it last night.
It's not quite as specific as I would like. She said she hoped we did our "long run" on Saturday (check!)
Then she said for Monday or Tuesday to run 1.5-2.5 miles (check! I ran 2 miles yesterday morning before my hour workout.)
Wednesday she said to cross train on an eliptical or a bicycle for 30 minutes.
I plan to run again this afternoon (Tuesday) just so I'm getting in 4 days of running a week. Then I can use the eliptical and stationary recumbent bike when I have my training session tomorrow and then run again on Thursday p.m.
Yesterday morning when I was running, I thought that cottonwood was blowing but it looked smaller. It was snow. Blech.
Today is warmer and sunny--kind of like Saturday--so I'm actually looking forward to running before the little reds get home from school.
I have an important phone interview tonight so I'm thinking the run will help me clear my head. Prayers, please!

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