Friday, January 30, 2009

Day 2 week 4 done, ready for day 3.

I completed day 2 on Wednesday.
It felt good. Definitely had the healthy glow going (at least that's what I guess it is when your face is beet red and you're dripping with sweat.)
Didn't have time to bathe before my meeting with the bishop on account of travel time took double what it normally does with the snow. No worries, however. I just threw on my athletic outerwear and proudly reported to him about my fitness goal and he was all kinds of supportive. Bless him.
And I felt great the rest of the day.
And I'm ready to do my running with my trainer today. I wish we could run outside but there is no way with all the snow.
I was somewhat concerned with the whole peanut butter problems and the salmonella when I heard that energy bars were being pulled from the shelves. My favorite is the Protein Plus PowerBar, chocolate peanut butter flavor. I buy them by the box. Since they haven't made me sick yet, I'm stickin' with them.
That whole peanut butter mess makes me sad. Did it get to be such a big mess that the folks who could have stopped it didn't see a way out? I mean, when I hear that the inspectors found facilities with animal droppings and mold it kind of makes me wonder why the folks in charge didn't say "Whoa, guys, clean-up on aisle 5!" Or maybe have a "bring a bottle of lysol to work day" and get the dang place up to par...
There are lessons to be learned here. On lots of levels.
I'm just sayin'

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