Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Yes I Can!

I did my training when I got home.
My wonderful husband held up dinner for a few minutes so I could run before we ate. I was nice and sweaty for dinner. But it felt good to run/walk after 4 hours of driving.
Snowshoeing was intense.
I was plenty warm. Hot, even. I ended up shedding the fleece I was wearing. Turns out that I was wearing snowshoes that were size-appropriate for a four year old.
My clergy colleagues were in the big ones that look like misshapen tennis rackets. Mine were about 10 inches long and sank deeply into the snow.
I was the last one in the snowshoe line. And while I had earlier praised the commitment of my health-conscious and fitness conscious colleagues, I have to confess that I had enmity in my heart as I was trying to catch up with them hiking up-hill knee deep in snow. I was steaming hot and my heart was racing which I tried to tell myself was a good thing. I ended up taking off my hat and shoving it in my pocket. Then I took off my gloves. Then I unzipped my vest. Then I unzipped my wind jacket. Then I yelled for the others to stop and let me catch up. They did. And they laughed at me and I confessed my enmity and we all laughed some more. (The enmity was, the trip back would be downhill and I would be leading the way.)
The snow sparkled like diamonds. I have a heart that can pump blood effectively and legs that work. I have friends. I am blessed.
It's good to be home.

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St. Casserole said...

Welcome home, you athelete, you!

Proud of you! Snowshoes? I've seen pictures only.

Yes you can!